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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is one of the fastest growing segments of physical rehabilitation today. Aquatic therapy helps increase your range of motion, circulation, strength and endurance, balance and coordination, mobility, muscle tone and self-esteem.

Central Park West Rehabilitation Center

Water provides unique healing benefits. It utilizes the principles of buoyancy and the resistive properties of water and allows you to perform active exercise in the early stages of your rehabilitation program. Water's buoyancy lessens the pressure on your muscles and joints, assists with movement and reduces swelling caused by gravity. Without the pull of gravity working against you, you can exercise more comfortably, increasing your level of strength, tolerance, flexibility and endurance with less pain and muscle stress. This reduces your symptoms and increases your ability to function, which permits a quicker return to activities and the work place.

Water's buoyancy lessens the pressure on your muscles and joints Research shows that aquatic therapy is beneficial for persons with orthopedic disabilities. Orthopedic disabilities that benefit from aquatic therapy include arthritis, rotator cuff syndrome, operative and non-operative treatment of the spine, knee and ankle injuries.

Central Park West Rehabilitation Center

CPW Rehab is well known for aquatic therapy, which consists of therapeutic exercises and modified swim strokes, performed in our specially designed and heated rehabilitative pool. Our pool is four feet deep and measures 40' x 20', with temperatures between 92° and 96° degrees. We have both ramp and hydraulic chair lift, which makes the pool accessible to all disabled patients.

Ask your doctor about the healing benefits of aquatic therapy.

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